EDUC 340: Literacy and the Learner

In the summer of 2011, I spent time at Rice Elementary School as part of EDUC 340 (Literacy and the Learner), which is a class that is a requirement of the teacher licensure program at CSU. In Literacy and the Learner, the Professional Development Student is to learn and comprehend what it means to incorporate literacy (reading, writing, phonics, and comprehension) into any content area and lesson plan. This class introduced many lesson plan techniques that were accessible and applicable to any content area and classroom setting. These lesson plans also adhered to the theory of “Multiple Intelligences”, utilizing visual, aural, interpersonal, interpersonal, musical, literary, and other learning styles, making the lessons accessible and comprehendible to any diverse student group. At Rice Elementary School, located in Wellington, CO, I worked with students grades 1-5 on their literacy skills, which included reading and helping the students read, and working with phonics, writing skills (legibility), and comprehension.

Below you will find examples of these lesson tools and worksheets, as well as other assignments I completed throughout the course of the class.

1.1 The Sam Trap
2.1 Reading Survey
2.2 Metacognitive Reading Awareness Inventory
3.1 KWL Worksheet
3.3 DRTA
4.1 Verbal and Visual Word Assoc
4.2 Freyer Model
4.4 Think aloud
5.1 Semantic Mapping
5.2 Semantic Mapping
6.1 Cornell Notes
6.2 Cornell Notes
7.1 Text-to-Reader Connections
7.2 Text to Self Connections
8.1 Character Maps
10.1 Chronological Sequence
10.2 Concept Definition Mapping
11.1 Comparison and Contrast
12.2 RAFT Paper
Article Summaries 340
Bulls Eye Graphic Organizer
Case Study
Educational Autbiography
Lab 1
Lab 2
Lab 3
Lab 4
Lab 5


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