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My name is Brittani Farrell and I am a music educator, conductor, private voice instructor, and performing mezzo-soprano. I received a Master’s Degree in Voice Performance with a secondary emphasis in Choral Conducting from the University of Northern Colorado in 2017, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education (Voice) from Colorado State University in 2013. My intention in obtaining these two degree programs is to combine the methodology of choral conductor and vocal pedagogue.
Vocal health and good technique is of primary concern in my teaching methodology. I have always had a passion for vocal pedagogy and laryngeal anatomy, but after a challenging vocal issue resulting in a hemorrhage of my left vocal fold, surgery, and almost a year of rehab, I have a unique perspective and skill set that includes voice therapy and speech pathology.
I have a commitment and a passion for the field of education and believe that a teacher is not just an educator, but also a lifelong learner constantly taught by their students. As a music educator I believe it is essential to be an accomplished performer as well as teacher to be able to properly demonstrate the techniques and abilities that your students will need to be successful choral (or solo) performer. These “techniques and abilities” are also a quintessential part of producing a good ensemble sound and being able to perform literature that is enriching and meets state and content standards. 

Outside of the music classroom I enjoy hiking, backpacking, yoga and fitness, reading, and food!

Please feel free to contact me by going to About => “Contact Me”


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